Another Gingrich event disrupted by Occupy protests

As with an earlier incident at the University of Iowa, members of his audiences used a "mic check" protest — in which a group shouts in unison the statement of one member, in order to amplify the words — to shout down Gingrich. After an initial group of protesters was removed from the room, a subsequent group began chanting, "put people first!"

“I was at the University of Iowa the other day and that same 1/10th of one percent — all noise, no thought – tried to drown out the conversation so I appreciate you all putting it in that perspective,” Gingrich said, referring to his student forum last Wednesday in Iowa City.

Gingrich has been an outspoken critic of the movement. An appearance at Harvard last month was also disrupted by Occupy protesters, where Gingrich told protesters to “go get a job after you take a bath.”

After the press conference in Des Moines, a group of protesters tried to ask Gingrich questions but were held by by his staff, according to The Des Moines Register. Gingrich and his wife, Callista, headed straight to a waiting vehicle.

“Speaker Gingrich, you can run but you can’t hide. We’re going to come for you everywhere you go. You can’t show your face in public without seeing us," one of the protesters yelled at Gingrich as he walked away, according to the Register.