Perry ad pushes for a part-time Congress

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign launched a new television ad Monday that pushes the Republican presidential hopeful's plan for a part-time Congress in Washington.

The ad, which Perry's campaign said will run on broadcast and cable stations in Iowa, plays to the anti-Washington message that all the Republican candidates and President Obama have touched on.

"Cut their pay in half, cut their time in Washington in half, cut their staff in half, send them home," Perry says in the ad. Let them get a job like everybody else back home has."

Perry introduced his plan in November to cut back on Congress's working hours, and has pushed it as part of his effort to become president in order to make Washington as inconsequential as possible.

Perry "has never served in Washington or been an establishment favorite," said campaign spokesman Ray Sullivan. "The current and former members of Congress in the race have a legacy of federal debt, earmarks and excess."