Gingrich accuses judges of being 'drunk on power'

The former House Speaker reiterated his belief that the judicial branch has overstepped its authority and become more powerful than the Founding Fathers originally intended. 

"You have judges today that are drunk on power," said Gingrich in Mason City, Iowa Wednesday. 

He called for a shift in power between the federal branches of government and advocated the impeachment of certain judges. 

"We have to have a position that says we are going to defend in the public square and we're going to rebalance the courts so they understand they are one of three branches, they are not the dictator to the other two branches," he added. 

Gingrich railed against the judiciary for infringing on religious freedom and specifically slammed a Texas judge for what he called "bigoted, anti-religious" rulings. 

"The primary threat to our belief in God is come from judges who are secular and behave as though they're dictators," Gingrich said. 

The former House Speaker was responding to a question asking the GOP hopeful what he would do to "support God in America" as president. 

During a Republican debate earlier this month Gingrich drew criticism from rivals when he called for Congress to subpoena judges and potentially abolish certain courts altogether.

Gingrich held a conference call following the debate to discuss the issue further in which he said he was “delighted” that it came up and directed reporters to a 28-page white paper on the judiciary on his website.

He again told voters to read his paper Wednesday, which he acknowledged as controversial.