Bachmann says Iowa campaign chairman defected to Ron Paul for financial reasons

"The Ron Paul campaign had contacted one of the people on our campaign and offered them money to come to their campaign and he went, pure and simple," Bachmann said on WHO Radio's Jan Mickelson show in Iowa.

Paul's campaign announced Wednesday night that GOP state Sen. Kent Sorenson had ended his support for Bachmann and endorsed the Texas congressman instead.

Sorenson praised Bachmann's record and said he has an "immense amount of respect for Michele" in a statement released by Paul's campaign. "There is a clear top tier in the race for the Republican nomination for president, both here in Iowa and nationally," he added.

When pressed on whether she thought it was unusual for someone to switch allegiances this close to the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, Bachmann responded, "I would think so."

"It was a financial decision and it was made ... he [Sorenson] said it was a great deal of money and he said he had to provide for his family and that was the decision that was made," she added.

The Minnesota congresswoman told WHO Radio that she believes the controversy between herself and Paul dates back to a GOP debate earlier this month in Sioux City, Iowa, when they spared over Iran's nuclear threat.

"That's where I went after Ron Paul on the issue of Iran having a nuclear weapon and it is no question that there is a disparate difference between every candidate and Ron Paul," Bachmann said.

Bachmann claimed that since the debate she has seen a shift in political support away from Paul toward her candidacy because of the Iran issue.

"The momentum shifted dramatically away from Ron Paul to my campaign, and I think that's what led to this disruption in our campaign where the calls were made and they hired somebody away," Bachmann said.

However, Paul has led in most Iowa caucus polls in the last few weeks, and most Hawkeye State observers believe he will finish first or second in the Iowa caucuses; Bachmann has been struggling in the polls.