Ron Paul asked to detail his 'greatest weakness' in radio interview

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was asked on Thursday to answer a question many job interviewees dread: "What's your greatest weakness?"

A Los Angeles man called into WHO's Jan Mickelson radio show in Iowa to press Paul on that very point.

"A lot of Americans who are going on job interviews these days are often asked to answer this question. It's a common interview question and I would like to have you answer it. What is your greasiest weakness?" asked the caller.

"I think my greatest weakness is my ability to deliver a message smoothly," Paul replied. "Although I am so convinced about the message about liberty, I think that I can always improve on my delivery, so that's what I work on. I would consider that a weakness."

Paul's message seems to be resonating in Iowa less than a week away from the Jan. 3 caucuses. The Texas congressman has been ahead in the polls of likely Iowa caucus-goers in recent days and in some cases has edged out rival Mitt Romney for the top spot.