Huntsman campaign hits Ron Paul with 'Twilight Zone' video

Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign released a new web video this weekend painting GOP rival Ron Paul as a "Twilight Zone" candidate.

The "Ron Paul Chronicles" video hits Paul using theme music from the sci-fi thriller series "Twilight Zone." Playing the music over a series of clips featuring Paul, the campaign apparently hopes to make the point that Paul has a history of making crazy or scary statements.

In New Hampshire this week, Huntsman said the state would prove who is the more "electable" candidate. He told Fox News the ad helps draw a "contrast" between him and Paul as reliable candidates.

Huntsman has staked his campaign on doing well in New Hampshire, campaigning alone in the state while most of the other candidates are focused on Iowa ahead of the Jan. 3 caucus. New Hampshire's primary vote is set for Jan. 10.

The granite state is considered Mitt Romney's strongest base of support. Romney lead with 44 percent in the most recent poll by CNN/Time/ORC International, but Huntsman seems set on eliminating Paul, who took second with 17 percent. Huntsman polled well below the leaders with 9 percent support.

"I don't believe that he can put together enough mainstream support to be successful, and that is increasingly the question that is being asked," Huntsman said of Paul, according to Fox News.

In a series of talk show appearances Sunday morning, Paul rebuffed efforts to paint him as extreme or scary. 

"I would say I'm pretty mainstream," Paul said on CNN's "State of the Union." "I think the people who are attacking me right now are the ones who can't defend their records."

The Huntsman ad also promises more of the "Ron Paul Chronicles" next week.