Bachmann predicts her finish in caucuses will 'surprise a lot of people'

Michele Bachmann predicted Tuesday that she would "surprise a lot of people" in the Iowa caucuses and said she's ready to fight on in South Carolina. 

"I think there is a lot of soft, hidden support that's going to come out tonight at the caucuses," Bachmann said on Fox News.

Bachmann has staked her campaign on Iowa, where she won a closely watched straw poll in August. Since then, the congresswoman has plunged to dead last in polls of likely caucus voters, earning just 7 percent in the most recent Des Moines Register survey released Saturday night.

The Minnesota Republican dismissed talk that she might drop out of the race and said she's focused on winning South Carolina, another state that has been a stronghold for social conservatives. 

"We've bought our tickets already for South Carolina," Bachmann said. "We're going."

Much like GOP rival Rick Perry, Bachmann's campaign appears to be ceding the battle for New Hampshire, which votes on Jan. 10, to other contenders. South Carolina votes on Jan. 21.

Bachmann used religious language this week to describe winning Iowa over voters following the most recent Fox News debate in the state. 

"Thousands of people [are] making conversions on the spot," Bachmann said on Sunday, describing her bus tour of all 99 Iowa counties.