GOP debate: Perry jokes about earlier 'oops' moment

Texas Gov. Rick Perry made light of his misstep at an earlier debate during Sunday's NBC/Facebook debate in New Hampshire while answering a question from host David Gregory.

In November Perry infamously struggled during a GOP presidential debate in Michigan to come up with the names of the three Cabinet-level agencies he would eliminate if elected president. On Sunday, he managed to insert the names into a question from Gregory about Americans receiving aid from the government.

"Let me answer the question that you asked earlier: what are the three areas that you would make some reductions that people would feel some pain. It would be those bureaucrats at the Department Commerce,  Energy, and Education that we're going to do away with," Perry said to laughter and applause.

"And that's your final answer," quipped Gregory.

Perry also called the idea of Americans clamoring for government assistance "wrongheaded" and said Americans are looking for jobs, not handouts.