Romney: 'I think I’m going to be nominee'

Mitt Romney predicted on Friday he would be the GOP nominee for president.

“I think I’m going to be the nominee,” Romney said during an interview on “Fox and Friends” after he was asked about comments from Democrats that suggest they think he will be the candidate Republicans pick to challenge President Obama.

Romney said if he did a “good job and people get behind me” he would prevail, before saying the race wasn’t over yet.

“But there’s a long road ahead and Newt Gingrich is obviously a feisty competitor, and we’ll have a contest that I’m sure will take us down the road a ways. But I hope I become the nominee and I think I can post up well against the president,” he said.

Romney’s comments were reminiscent of Gingrich’s prediction in December, when he topped national polls, that he would be the GOP’s nominee.

Gingrich then finished a disappointing fourth in the Iowa caucuses and also trailed Romney and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) in the New Hampshire primary.

But Gingrich has surged again ahead of the South Carolina primary on Saturday and seems to have a chance of finishing first in the state.

Romney is scrambling to regain momentum, and on Friday, the Romney campaign announced the endorsement of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose name has been whispered as a potential candidate for vice president.