Obama, Romney campaigns engage in fundraising duel

Following his latest primary victory in Florida on Jan. 31, Romney launched a “one term fund,” asking supporters to donate toward making sure Obama only gets one term in office. “We need a President who is accountable,” Romney tweeted Wednesday.

Romney has frequently quoted Obama in a 2009 interview, shortly after Obama took office, where the president said if there hasn’t been an economic recovery “in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition.”
Obama's reelection campaign returned fire by creating a "Two-Term Fund" in direct competition with Romney’s fund, with the goal of raising $2 million — double Romney's goal. Obama’s account started promoting the fund on Wednesday.

The new web video released by Romney's campaign on Thursday suggests they are making Obama "nervous" by attacking him over the "one term" comment. The video uses footage of the 2009 interview as well as tweets exchanged on Wednesday.
“One-term president? It's up to you,” tweeted Obama’s official account, which is handled by his reelection campaign.
“He's right,” Romney’s account tweeted in response, along with the link to Romney’s page.
An email from Obama campaign manager Jim Messina earlier this week criticized Romney for appealing to “a very personal dislike of Barack Obama” and the desire of “sending his family packing from the White House.”
Messina promised that the campaign would reveal to donors how many other people are donating to the same fund. By Thursday morning, Obama’s fund hit the $1 million mark, according to the campaign.

— This report was originally posted at 11:59 a.m.