RNC ad hits Obama on fifth anniversary of his campaign kickoff

On Feb. 10, 2007, in Springfield, Ill., the then-Illinois senator launched the campaign that would send him to the White House.

The RNC ad, called “Five Years Later,” plays a minute-long clip from Obama’s speech that day, with news headlines and images meant to contrast his record with his rhetoric.

“Every four years candidates from both parties make similar promises,” the president said. “But too many times after an election is over and the confetti is swept away, all of those promises fade from memory and the lobbyists and special interests move in and people turn away, disappointed as before and left to struggle on their own.”

As Obama speaks, the ad shows media reports from his time in office about a lobbyist who raised funds for Obama, the president’s recent embrace of super-PACs, his Wall Street fundraising and the recent controversy over a policy that would require employer healthcare coverage for birth control.

“Five years later, not better off,” the ad concludes, using a line that will likely be used repeatedly by Republicans in the run-up to the fall election.