Crossroads hits Rep. Boswell with new ad

"America's debt is at an all-time high. But for President Obama and Congressman Boswell, when spending our money the sky's the limit," the ad's narrator says as an image of the two men in a hot air balloon floats upward. "Boswell voted for Obama's stimulus bill, $825 billion in wasted spending. They bailed out auto companies for $85 billion and by supporting ObamaCare, Boswell and Obama upped spending another $700 billion. Tell Congressman Boswell to get his head out of the clouds and stop out-of-control Washington spending."

Boswell will face off against Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa), whose district was eliminated by redistricting. Boswell has represented most of the territory before, but the district leans slightly Republican — Obama would have won it by five points, but President George W. Bush would have carried it by six.

The group, technically the "policy" side of the Crossroads operation, is spending almost $80,000 on the ad, bringing its total spending in the district to a whopping $370,000 since late October. By comparison, that's just more than half the amount Boswell's 2010 opponent spent in his entire campaign.