Ann Romney fires back at Bill Clinton on auto bailouts

“Mitt’s father would be cheering and would be with Mitt 100 percent,” Ann Romney said on Fox News.

"Because, you know, what Mitt suggested was finally what happened, is that they went through a structured bankruptcy — it's exactly what ended up happening. Mitt just said to do that before they already spent $17 billion. So no, Mitt's father would be cheering, cheering with Mitt."

Yesterday, former president Clinton hit Romney on the auto bailout by citing his father, who was governor of Michigan and a chief executive at American Motors Corp.

“Every time I hear Mr. Romney talk about this, I think his daddy must be turning over in his grave,” Clinton said. 

Romney opposed the federal bailout of the auto industry and said General Motors and Chrysler should have been put through a structured bankruptcy.

Democrats and President Obama say the federally funded rescue saved the automakers, and are trying to turn Romney’s opposition to the bailouts into a political liability.  

Clinton called the auto bailout the most important decision President Obama has made in the White House, and rejected claims that the aid was provided as a favor to United Auto Workers.

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