Paul tells supporters 'we always win'

"Are we going to win?" Paul asked a cheering crowd in Fargo, N.D., on Tuesday. "We always win, right? The cause of liberty is on roll, let me tell you that. This country is ready and raring and tonight we are going to send a very loud message to the rest of the country."

Paul, who eventually lost to Rick Santorum in North Dakota's caucus, is the only Republican presidential candidate not to have won any of the GOP elections this primary season.

However, Paul has gained 25 delegates as of Tuesday because of the proportional delegate system in place many states, according to The Hill's latest delegate count.

The Texas congressman aimed to draw a line between himself and his GOP opponents and President Obama, slamming them as interchangeable on issues of foreign policy and privacy.

"If you look at the candidates today there is very little difference except for one. The rest of the candidates support the status quo, foreign policies doesn't change, monetary policy doesn't change," he said.

Paul, a staunch libertarian, roused the crowd with his long-standing message of fiscal restraint, personal liberty and limited government.

"There's no desire to protect personal liberty, personal privacy, protect us from the intrusiveness of the federal government," he added.

He also reiterated his calls to bring troops home from foreign conflicts and reduce the role of the U.S. military around the world. 

"If you're tired of the wars — I hope you're sick and tired of the wars we're involved in. What if we had the return to the Constitution. The Founders made sure in the document in the Constitution that the wars would only occur, not by the executive branch, but only by the people through their representatives in Congress ... if necessary they should be declared," Paul said.