Gibbs: Romney 'y'all, grits' comments don't 'go over well' in South

Romney took heat from opponents this week after telling a crowd in Mississippi Thursday that he was "learning to say 'y'all' " and developing a taste for grits. 

"I wouldn't normally give Republicans, particularly Mitt Romney advice, but as a Southerner I will tell him that stuff doesn't really go over well in the Deep South," said Gibbs on CBS's "Face the Nation" Sunday. 

Gibbs, who served as the former White House press secretary, took another dig at the former Massachusetts governor offering mock campaign advice.

"I will tell him this, if someone says they love the SEC, it's not the investigative body that looks into off-shore Cayman bank accounts, in fact it's the world's greatest football conference, so I hope he'll sort of go with the flow if he's down there," Gibbs added.

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