Kermit the Frog speculates about a brokered GOP convention

“The fact is, Stephen, that this race is far from over,” Kermit told Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. “You know, we haven't even hit [Mitt] Romney's strongholds of New York and California yet. And the closer Mitt gets to that magical number of 1,144 delegates, well, the more leverage he has at a hypothetical brokered convention. However! However, you know, if rumors of a Santorum/Gingrich superticket prove true, well, we're in for a hot time in Tampa. How's that?"

Although speculation continues to build that none of the remaining GOP candidates can become the clear nominee before the GOP convention — which is set to begin Aug. 27 in Tampa, Fla. — most experts see the possibility of a brokered convention as unlikely.

Rick Santorum, Romney’s closest challenger, has indicated he would consider Newt Gingrich for his vice presidential pick should be become the nominee, but Gingrich has maintained that he is staying in the race at least until the convention.

Gingrich’s campaign has also indicated that its goal will be preventing Romney from accumulating the 1,144 delegates he needs to secure the nomination before the convention.

Although Colbert introduced Kermit as “The Colbert Report's chief swampland political analyst,” with insight into the bayous of Louisiana — where caucuses are set for March 24 — Kermit downplayed his own political expertise.

"I'm just a frog...I don't know very much about politics,” he said. "Seriously, Stephen, I really don't talk much about politics. I am an amphibitarian. We're not partisan except when it comes to pigs."

Kermit dismissed the idea that he had any insight into Newt Gingrich based on his name.

"Newt? Oh, Newt!" he said. "Kermit the Frog must know all about newts because I'm an amphibian-American? Do we all look alike to you?”

He also sidestepped Colbert's questions about his previous journalistic experience, gained in the 1981 film “The Great Muppet Caper.”

“I just don't take sides, you know,” Kermit concluded. "When it comes to politics, I really think everyone, everyone, Democrats, Republicans, the independents, all of them will really enjoy our new movie 'The Muppets' on DVD and Blu-Ray March 20."