Ann Romney releases a 'love letter' to Mitt for anniversary

Wednesday is Mitt and Ann Romney's 43rd wedding anniversary.

The video fills in Ann Romney's side of the love story that Mitt Romney has frequently told on the campaign trail. 

Ann Romney frequently introduces her husband on the campaign trail, and the Romney family — which includes five sons and 16 grandchildren — has campaigned for him. But Romney has also been satirized as aloof and faulted for not showing his warmer side, in part due to his campaign's laser-like focus on the economy. Ann Romney has sought to change that. Mitt Romney also emphasized his tight-knit family on Tuesday, while speaking to supporters on Google Plus. 

In the video, Ann Romney pinpoints her 16th birthday party as the moment the two really started to fall in love.

"Mitt had this enormous energy, this enormous infection [sic] for life, the love of life," she said. "I was very careful about not letting him know how I felt about him. I think that drove him crazy."

She also tells the story of the difficult separation from Mitt Romney during his 30-month mission trip to France for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

"Of course his mother’s got her arms open and he runs right by her and grabs me and that was it," she said of their reunion at the airport when he returned.

Romney previously told Parade magazine he proposed to Ann Romney in the family station wagon the day he returned home to the United States.

She said their families resisted their plans, considering them too young to marry. 

"We compromised and waited until March 21," she said. "And March 21 happened to have been four years after our first date. One year later, our oldest son, Tagg, was born on March 21 as well, so that’s sort of an important day in our life.”