Gingrich: Obama more sympathetic to Muslims than to Catholic Church

On Fox News Wednesday, Newt Gingrich said he accepts President Obama's claim that he's a Christian, but accused the administration of kowtowing to Muslim interests over Christian ones.

"Let's accept he's a Christian in his own light. He went to a Christian church for over 20 years," said Gingrich in an interview with Greta Van Susteren. "Why is it he's more sensitive to radical Islamists who are killing young Americans than he is to the Catholic Church, to Baptists, to fundamentalists, to people who are pro-abortion — I mean, who are pro — who are pro-life?

"This is a very strange presidency. And he carries this out in other ways. Why does he want to pump oil in Saudi Arabia, which he called for last week, and he's against pumping oil in Louisiana?" added the former House Speaker. "You have to wonder, why does he want the jobs in Saudi Arabia and not the jobs in Louisiana? I just think it's a strange presidency. And you don't have to attack his — whatever his personal religious beliefs are to attack his behavior."

The comments were provoked by questions over a report claiming Gingrich failed to correct a voter's suggestion that Obama was a Muslim. Gingrich called the story "stupid" and "baloney."

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