Gene Simmons backs Romney, says he regrets voting for Obama in 2008

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons endorsed Mitt Romney on Tuesday and said he regrets voting for President Obama in 2008.

He cited the former Massachusetts' governor's business experience and plans for the nation's economy in his endorsement.

"If you take the point of view that American should be a business ... If you can't afford to do something no matter how much bellyaching everybody does," the singer said on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning. "I’m so sorry, if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t do it."

"So, your pick is?" asked host Gretchen Carlson.

"Strictly speaking on the economy and in my humble opinion," Simmons answered, "Mitt Romney."

On the show to promote his new restaurant chain, Simmons offered up his two cents on the upcoming race for the White House, saying he had regrets about his vote for Obama last cycle.

"The reason sometimes Republicans get in — including the Senate, House and presidency — is because Americans, smartly, and I applaud them for doing so, vote on the issues and not the party," Simmons said.

"I want both parties to appeal to me, and then I’ll make my educated decision. Sometimes you’re right, sometimes I’m wrong. In retrospect — hindsight's 20/20 — I have some real issues with the economy and how it's being done. America is a business and it should be run by a businessman."

Mitt Romney leads the polls heading into Tuesday's primaries in Wisconsin and Maryland.