Romney campaign blasts Obama for 'slinging mud' in energy ad

“The Obama attack machine has started,” the Romney campaign says in the new 37-second Web video. “Spending millions to sling mud, err, oil at Mitt Romney.”

The video is a response to the Obama campaign’s most recent television advertisement, which seeks to link Romney to the oil industry. It’s the latest tactic by the Obama campaign to undercut GOP attacks on the White House over soaring gas prices.

The Romney campaign argues in the new video that Obama’s ad amounts to “slinging mud,” blasting the president for running “attack ads.”

“But Obama's mud can't cover up his failed energy policies,” the Romney video says. “Polices that are hurting small businesses and working families.”

The video notes that gas prices have greatly increased during Obama’s time in office in what has become a common GOP attack on the president. But White House officials note that gas prices were low when Obama came into office because of the economic downturn.

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