Priebus spats with CNN anchor: 'I know how you're going to vote'

"Let's talk about the economy because you were saying that President Obama doesn't have a plan to turn the economy around, but there are signs the economy is getting better," Costello said, pointing out rises in car sales and private sector hiring. "Can you really say that President Obama's overall economic plan has been a dismal failure?"

"Well, I know how you're going to vote, Carol," Priebus answered. "But the reality is that the American people don't feel better off today than they were three or four years ago."

The conversation became heated after Costello interrupted Priebus over a question of Mitt Romney's plans for economic stability. Priebus dodged the CNN anchor's original question on Romney's specific economic agenda, instead focusing on the broader financial goals for the Republican party.

"Well, they're signing the JOBS Act today, right," Costello interjected.

"Well, wait a second, you want me to answer your question, Carol, or not?" Priebus said. "Well, if you ask a question you ought to at least allow the guest to answer."

"I'm just trying to get you off your talking points, but go on," Costello said.

"Well, you've been reading the Democratic talking points for the last seven minutes, Carol," Priebus shot back. "So I guess I have to answer, right?"

Priebus has been in the hot seat since Thursday morning after launching a debate over caterpillars and the GOP's so-called "war on women."

“If the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars, and mainstream media outlets talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars, then we have problems with caterpillars,” Priebus told Bloomberg TV in an episode of "Political Capital with Al Hunt" airing Thursday night.

Democrats were quick to pounce on Priebus's comments, saying it does nothing but further support their argument.