Romney campaign video: Mitt 'as mischievous and naughty' as his sons

"I hate to say it often — I had more than five sons, I had six sons, and he would be as mischievous and as naughty as the other boys," Ann Romney says in the video, referencing her husband. "He'd come home and boom, everything would just explode again ... there were a lot of pranks."

Many Republican strategists say Romney is suffering from a likeability problem, and some have called for his wife to play a bigger part of the campaign to help humanize him. She regularly introduces him on the campaign trail and has been used in prior videos to soften his image.

The video features home movies and photos of the Romney family from bygone days.

"They are the joy of our life. I miss having all of them under one roof all the time," she says. "I would love to go back in time and see all of those five boys under one roof again."