New Cain video: Big-government chickens peck at taxpayer subsidies

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain released an ant-big government Web video featuring chickens, a farmer and a skeleton. 

The ad, uploaded by Cain Connections on Wednesday, shows a farmer representing the American taxpayer feeding chickens representative of big government inside an enclosure from which neither the farmer nor the chickens can escape. 

“This is the average American taxpayer, feeding big government,” the ad's narrator — the same girl who appeared in earlier Cain videos — says before showing the farmer being attacked by the chickens. 

“Any questions?” she asks, standing atop a skeleton in farmer's clothes. 

A description provided with the video says, “The farmer is fine, but the average American taxpayer isn't! Big Government is growing and shows no signs of stopping even as it is increasingly hurting the American taxpayer who is funding it.”