Romney: Rosen comments 'extraordinarily unknowledgeable'

"I think it's extraordinarily unknowledgeable and unfortunate. I think she recognizes it; she apologized for it," said Romney to Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night.

Hilary Rosen made the comments last week on CNN when trying to argue that Ann Romney was not qualified to advise her husband on the economic struggles of voters. 

Rosen later apologized for her remark after President Obama and high-profile members of his campaign moved quickly to denounce the statement.

Republicans painted her remarks as an attack on stay-at-home mothers.

"A lot of folks are home taking care of kids and also working in the day or at night going to another full-time job," said Romney on Wednesday. "It's tough being a mom whether you're working outside the home or not."

He also acknowledged that his wife's struggles have been of a different kind.

"My wife's struggles have not been so much economic as they have been health-wise, and she's a champion, in my view," he added.

Ann Romney told supporters at a private fundraising event on Sunday that the Rosen controversy was an “early birthday present.”

“It was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother,” she said. “That was a really defining moment, and I loved it.”

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