Ron Paul leads 'Road to Revolution' in video game

A video game featuring the likeness of the Texas congressman is in the works. "Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution" is being developed by programmer and self-described "serial creativist/nerdist" Daniel Williams, who took to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise additional money for his project.

"For the last year or so my partners and I have been dedicated to making liberty sexy," says Williams in his Kickstarter video. "I got this idea to create a Ron Paul video game. As far as I know there's nothing out there like it … if there's a game about Ron, it's got to be awesome."

The game itself will allow players to take on the role of Paul and make their way across all 50 states collecting gold and delegates in the style of games like Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog, according to Williams. 

"Collect Delegates to ensure your seat as the President, collect Gold Coins to unlock branches of the Federal Reserve where you defeat bosses and progress your quest to end the Federal Reserve," says the description of the game.

It appears at least some Paul enthusiasts are spending their time on Kickstarter — Williams reached his goal of $5,000 in just three days. As of Thursday he has raised $7,252 from 120 supporters for his fantasized version of the long-shot GOP presidential hopeful. 

Williams, who is also a co-founder of, wrote that he hopes the game will be completed by July 2012, and told potential donors that the Web version will be free as his "gift to the revolution."