Gov. Daniels all but rejects veep option

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels on Sunday all but took himself out of the running to become Mitt Romney's running mate in this year's presidential contest.

Daniels is often mentioned on the short list of possible vice president picks for Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee poised to challenge President Obama in November.

But Daniels told "Fox News Sunday" that he hasn't had that conversation with his family – a major factor underlying his decision not to run for president – "and I don't expect to have it." 

"You know a lot went into that decision not to run," Daniels said. "I promised the people of my state eight full years and I like living up to that commitment, showing that it was real.

"So, no," he added, "I think this is a hypothetical question that will probably stay that way."

Asked directly if he would reject an offer from Romney, Daniels all but said yes.

"You will remember what William F. Buckley said when he ran for mayor of New York and asked what he would do if he won? He said, 'Demand a recount,' Daniels said. "I think I would demand reconsideration, and send Mr. Romney a list of people I think could suit better."

Daniels was similarly cautious about endorsing others for the spot of vice-presidential contender.

"I have seen a lot of names and I like them all. I don't want to ruin anybody's chances this morning by singling him or her out," he said. "He [Romney] has a wide range of people to pick from. I have full confidence he'll find the best one.

The comments arrive on the same day that another of Romney's potential VP picks, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R), seemed to crack the door to the possibility after weeks of slamming it shut.

"I'm not going to discuss it anymore because now there's a real process in place," Rubio said on CNN'S "State of the Union." "[Romney] has a process and we should respect that process."

Romney scheduled to appear together on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania on Monday.