Pro-Obama super-PAC ad slams Romney as ‘in the tank’ for ‘Big Oil’

A new super-PAC ad released Wednesday portrays Mitt Romney as smudged with the fingerprints of Big Oil.

The ad calls Romney the "$200 million man" and charges him with wanting to protect the oil industry's interests, a loaded accusation with gas prices already high and summer looming. 

"He's the $200 million man, and Big Oil's fingerprints are all over him," says the announcer in the video ad. "Big Oil's pledged $200 million to help Mitt Romney and Romney's pledged to protect their profits and billions in special tax breaks.

“So when you fill up your tank, remember who’s in the tank for Big Oil: Mitt Romney, the $200 million man," the ad concludes.

Both Romney and President Obama have pointed fingers over the price of gas and signs suggest it will continue to be an election-year issue.

The ad is from the League of Conservation Voters working with Priorities USA Action, a super-PAC that supports Obama and that the president has publicly acknowledged. Priorities USA has hit Romney on the subject in a previous ad running in eight swing states.

The ad will run in Colorado and Nevada, signaling an eye on the general election. The ad buy is worth $1 million, according to The New York Times.