Bob Kerrey warns against Iran war in new video

“There's 80 million people living in Iran,” Kerrey says. “If we were undersized with 250,000 going into Iraq, it's going to take a million to go to war with Iran.”

It’s a departure from the economic issues that most candidates — including Kerrey and his opponents — are making the focus of their campaigns this year. But it could serve to remind voters of Kerrey’s military background, including his Medal of Honor and service as a Navy SEAL.

“I think it will be a disaster,” he says. “It will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like a cakewalk.”

Many Democrats have taken fairly hawkish stances on Iran, aware of the fact that anything but a firm declaration of support for Israel’s security could be used against them among Jewish voters, evangelicals and neoconservatives.

President Obama has said that all options remain on the table — including military options — for preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Iran maintains that its nuclear program is for energy purposes.