Ann Romney advocates 'SNL' appearance for Mitt

"I think he should [appear on the show]. I'll weigh in on that," Ann Romney said during an interview on "Entertainment Tonight" that aired Thursday night. "At some point I think it'd be fun for him to do that."

The NBC sketch show is notorious for weighing in on presidential elections by assigning actors to impersonate candidates. Jason Sudeikis plays Romney on the show as somewhat oblivious but always perfectly coiffed.

The presumptive GOP nominee told ABC’s Diane Sawyer last month that he is open to making an appearance on the show. “I just want it be funny,” he said.

He also told ABC he enjoys watching Sudeikis play him. His wife agreed, calling Sudeikis's version of her husband "funny," though she added that the skits are "not accurate."

According to his wife, Mitt Romney is "a very funny guy" and does not have the perfect hair that "SNL" frequently mocks. The former Massachusetts governor has a reputation for being well-coiffed and unflappable. Ann Romney said when her husband doesn't comb his hair, it gets messy. She has previously revealed that the Romneys' 16 grandchildren enjoy playing with Mitt's hair.

Romney would not be the first GOP candidate to appear on the show with his impersonator. Republican 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin appeared on "SNL" with Tina Fey during the last presidential cycle. President Obama, then a senator from Illinois, also appeared on the show in November 2007.

Kristen Wiig, who plays Ann Romney on the show, previously invited her to make an appearance. 

"I'm not funny," Ann Romney protested, though she added, "Yes, of course, that would be a great thrill."