Ann Romney on Mitt: 'There's a wild and crazy man inside there'

"There's a wild and crazy man inside there," she continued.

Ann Romney, who herself has turned into a powerful force on the campaign trail in recent weeks, said that one of the most gratifying parts of being on the road was seeing people at rallies surprised by Romney's ability to connect to voters.

But Mitt Romney, also appearing on the network's morning show, seemed to acknowledge tacitly that there was still some work to be done connecting with voters.

"I actually think the American people are going to vote for someone who they think is going to make their lives better, and right now you have a lot of people who are having a very hard time making ends meet," the presumptive Republican nominee said.

He went on to say that "the people of this country will vote on the issue they care about most" and that they were looking for a candidate "who can get America's economy right again."

But the former governor said that "one of the highlights" of the campaign were moments where he sat down, without cameras, and spoke to individual families about what they were going through. Romney said it was in those moments he felt he best connected with the issues and concerns of everyday Americans.

"I'm in this race because I'm very concerned about, if you will, the great bulk of America, the middle of America," Romney said.