Obama stars in Warren's new ad

Elizabeth Warren's new television ad prominently features President Obama, a contrast to many other Democratic candidates who are seeking as much distance as possible from the president.

Warren's ad, released Wednesday, uses footage of Obama extolling her during a Rose Garden speech.

“She’s a janitor’s daughter who’s become one of the country’s fiercest advocates for the middle class,” Obama says in the ad. “She came up with a new idea for a new, independent agency that would have one simple mission: standing up for consumer and middle-class families.”

Warren also appears in the ad to say that although big banks tried to stop her, the agency she created is working — and proving that “we can take on the big guys and win.”

Warren’s campaign did not release the size of the buy, but said it would air statewide on broadcast television starting Wednesday.

A law professor at Harvard who chaired the bailout-related Congressional Oversight Panel, Warren advocated for, then helped build, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that Obama signed into law.

Republicans claim the agency is yet another expansion of government regulation that stifles economic growth just when the economy needs fewer impediments.

But Warren’s aggressive advocacy for the middle class is the cornerstone of her campaign message — and her strongest rebuttal to the blue-collar image being touted by her opponent, Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

Democrats in many Senate races are concerned that having Obama on the ticket could hurt them in the fall and potentially doom their chances at overcoming a Republican. But Massachusetts is on a short list of states where Democrats are confident that Obama will be a net gain for their candidates down the ballot.

Even Brown has been working to get in on the action, highlighting his appearances alongside Obama at the White House and promoting his ability to get things done with members of either party.

"A bill I introduced to give a tax credit to businesses that hire veterans was passed with bipartisan support,” Brown says in a radio ad released Tuesday. “Standing with President Obama on the day he signed it into law was another one of those great experiences.”