Alec Baldwin: GOP 'getting scared'

Actor Alec Baldwin is sounding bullish about President Obama's reelection bid, saying it's "starting to look like he has it in the bag."

Baldwin — who in recent weeks has flirted with the idea of running for mayor of New York City — said presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney is "out of touch with the average American" and that the general election is "not going so well" for Republicans.

"These guys are getting scared," Baldwin said on MSNBC. "They know that it's not looking good for them. And I think they're sensing now that they're really going to focus on the congressional races and Obama — it's starting to look like he has it in the bag." 

In a later segment, the actor painted Romney as elitist in the mold of former President George H.W. Bush.

"Romney is as out of touch with the average American as we coud possibly find on the meter today. In terms of being in touch with the average American, we'd be better off with [Newt] Gingrich than we would with Romney — in terms of his personal wealth and his attitude about lifestyle and such," Baldwin said.

He added that Romney was "a real blueblood money guy; a rich guy; a country-club guy," and said he channeled the first President Bush's stumbles in relating to voters.

"The old Bush scenario where he couldn't tell people how much half a gallon of milk was," Baldwin said.

Baldwin has been a major contributor to the Democratic Party, donating more than $150,000 to federal-level candidates since 1992, according to Open Secrets.