Newt Gingrich drops out: 'Truly wild ride' is over

Gingrich promised to remain active in national politics, fighting for "religious freedom" and energy independence. Looking back on his campaign, he said it was a "truly wild ride."

The former House Speaker hit many highs and lows in his run for the nomination. He surged to the front of the polls and then had his campaign staff resign en masse. 

He won the GOP contests in South Carolina and in his onetime home state of Georgia. And then he failed on a large scale in Florida.

For months he promised to take his campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Then He signaled that he would end his bid last week. The he held a few more campaign events: throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game, a visit to the base of a NASCAR racing team and a tour of a North Carolina zoo.