Berkley's first ad in Nevada touts work for veterans

The ad is an emotional one — it features the father of Justin Bailey, a Marine who overdosed on prescription drugs given out by the Veterans Affairs doctor and who the bill is named after.

"Shelley Berkley listened to our story and she sponsored a bill to improve the mental health in all veterans' facilities across the country. The Justin Bailey Act is meant to help veterans and to know that I can see people that have been helped by my son," Tony Bailey says in the ad before choking up. "I can't imagine being prouder."

Berkley is locked in a tight race with Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.). The Las Vegas Sun's Jon Ralson reported that they are spending $45,000 to run the ad in Reno, a relatively small buy focused on the a swing area where Heller is from. Berkley's political base is in Las Vegas.