DNC ad uses Santorum’s words against Romney

“As governor of Massachusetts, [Romney] had a job creation record that wasn’t the worst, but it was third from the worst,” Santorum says sarcastically at a campaign event, as captured by the video. “He was 47 out of 50. You hear him talk about ‘Oh, I created jobs in the private sector,’ but he didn’t do anything in Massachusetts.”

The ad also shows Santorum accusing Romney of supporting the Wall Street bailout but not the auto industry bailout, and of focusing too heavily on cutting tax rates for top earners.

“Rick, we couldn’t agree more,” the ad concludes.

On Thursday, CNN reported that Romney and Santorum would be holding a closed-door meeting in Pittsburgh, which many believe is a precursor to a Santorum endorsement.

Santorum was Romney’s primary rival for the GOP nomination before exiting the race in early April, which effectively cleared the path for a Romney nomination.

The former Pennsylvania senator has so far offered support for Romney and said he would endorse him if he is the party’s nominee, but has stopped short of an official endorsement.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll released on Thursday showed Santorum was the top choice of Republican voters to be the party’s vice presidential candidate. Santorum has said he has no interest in any Cabinet or executive positions in a potential Romney administration, saying he needed time to focus on his family.