Gingrich: 'Romney said things at times that weren’t true'

“I still believe that the Romney campaign said things that they knew weren’t true,” he told CNN. “Gov. Romney said things at times that weren’t true. … I also believe that compared to Barack Obama, I would trust Mitt Romney a hundred times over.”

The interview took place the day after Gingrich officially suspended his bid for the White House on Wednesday and endorsed Romney as the GOP nominee.

Gingrich’s past attacks on Romney were used this week in a Web video by the Obama campaign, including a clip from a January interview with CBS’s "The Early Show” when Gingrich answered “yes” when asked point-blank if he was calling Romney a “liar.”

Gingrich this week offered Romney only faint praise, pointing out for a second time that there is no Ronald Reagan option in the race. He said Thursday that Romney is the “one choice.”

Gingrich promised CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he would campaign for Romney, but said no dates have been set yet with the campaign.

“I've met with his campaign manager,” he said. “We're coordinating with his policy team.”

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