Romney aide: Obama 'wants to pretend that he hasn't been in charge'

"Gov. Romney has always said that President Obama didn't create the recession, but the fact of the matter is, he hasn't made things better for people," said Saul on CNN's "Starting Point" Monday.

The Obama ad, which is set to air in swing states across the country, also showcases Obama's role in the auto industry turnaround and the killing of Osama bin Laden.

"He [Obama] seems to forget and, I think, wants to pretend that he hasn't been in charge the past three and a half years and that people's current economic situations have happened on his watch," Saul said.

Friday's jobs report, released a day before Obama officially launched his reelection campaign, showed that the U.S. economy added 115,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate dropped one-tenth of a point to 8.1 percent.

"Gov. Romney's going to be talking about his vision for his future, but President Obama has a record and we're going to be looking at that and so will voters," Saul added.

The first poll released since Obama's campaign kick-off this weekend shows the president with a narrow lead over the presumptive Republican nominee.

Obama leads Romney 47 percent to 45 in the 12 battleground states that will play a critical role in determining the outcome of the 2012 election, according to a USA Today/Gallup survey released late Sunday night.

During his first official campaign rallies over the weekend, Obama took a series of shots at his likely election rival.

Speaking to a crowd in Virginia Saturday, Obama complimented Romney for being a successful businessman. But then went on to portray him as an out-of-touch billionaire who “has drawn the wrong lessons from those experiences” in the business world.