Sen. Hutchison 'enthusiastically' endorses Romney, makes the case for women voters

The Texas senator said she believes Romney is the "right person" to lead the United States during a time of economic crisis.

"He's had business experience, he's had the experience of running a big operation like the Olympics … I think his management and the way he's lived his life are exactly what we need in our country to get us out of these economic doldrums and into job creation," said Hutchison to CNN’s Carol Costello.

Republicans began to coalesce behind Romney immediately after Rick Santorum announced he was ending his presidential campaign in April. Newt Gingrich's withdrawal from the GOP contest earlier in May left Ron Paul as the only opponent to Romney. Paul announced he would no longer campaign in any more primaries, but promised to stay in the race and seek delegates.

Hutchison argued that Romney is the best candidate to revive the economy for both men and women Tuesday in an opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle titled, "Women can rely on Romney."

"All Americans are suffering. Unemployment is too high, economic growth is too low, and the Obama administration seems incapable of doing anything about it. We all need a change for the better, and those politicians who prefer to divide us rather than seek solutions deserve our scorn," she wrote.

Hutchison rejected the "war on women" as divisive Democratic rhetoric and accused President Obama of putting in place polices that have lowered standards of living and hurt small businesses.

"We can make the judgments on the issues that count, and it's the economy and the lack of job creation in the private sector that is our problem right now and that's what we ought to be talking about," she said on CNN.

When pressed on how specifically Romney would be able to help women if elected, Hutchison said she believes the former Massachusetts governor will create jobs, lower regulation and put in place a plan to reduce the deficit.

Romney has edged out Obama among women voters, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll released Monday, a reversal from earlier polls that found Obama in the lead. Forty-four percent of women surveyed said they supported Romney compared to 44 percent for Obama, which was within the poll's margin of error.