Obama targets women's health, contraception coverage in new Web video

The video, titled, "Letters to the President: The Dreams of Our Daughters," spotlights the life of one mother and her two daughters. The mother reads her voice-over as a letter to Obama about her concerns as a mother raising two daughters.

"Dear President Obama," the letter begins. "I'm a mother of two young daughters: Daisy is six and Caroline is almost ten. My six-year-old would like to be a doctor for dolphins and my ten-year-old dreams of becoming a jet fighter pilot."

"It is upsetting to me that in 2012 the use of birth control has become controversial," she continues. "Birth control isn't just for family planning, it's preventative care and treatment, it's medication that most women need and use at some point in their lives. And it is as common in a woman's medicine cabinet as cough medicine."

Obama launched another Web ad geared toward women Tuesday highlighting his record on providing funding to Planned Parenthood and reversing the so-called "global gag rule," which prevented organizations that benefit from U.S. foreign aid from discussing or performing abortions.

As the fight for the female vote heats up, Obama gave the commencement address at the all-female Barnard College and taped an appearance for "The View" earlier this week.

But Wednesday's ad points specifically to Obama's stance on contraception.

"Beyond that it's a woman's right to make decisions about her own body and her own life," the ad says. "This is just one reason I'm so passionate about getting you reelected this year. We need a president who will stand up for women's health and stay focused on jobs and economic recovery.

"The dreams of all our daughters are at stake. And they're counting on us to fight for them."