DNC caps off week of Bain Capital attacks with Web video

The video, titled "‪The Bane of Romney's Existence‬," is the bookend to an aggressive campaign launched Monday by the Obama team to portray Romney as a predatory businessman focused on making money at the expense of workers' jobs.

The Obama campaign debuted a television ad, online video and website that each depict the private equity firm as having engaged in "questionable business practices.”

Romney’s record at Bain Capital is relevant because it “tells us about what kind of president he would be,” Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter told reporters earlier this week.

The DNC video features television clips of anchors and reporters discussing the Bain attacks, as well as the president's team, such as senior Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod and Vice President Biden, slamming Romney’s job-creation credentials and private-sector experience.

“Romney and his partners bought that company; eight years later that company was in bankruptcy,” says Biden in the video, the clip having been taken from a speech delivered in Youngstown, Ohio, on Wednesday.

The Democratic attacks spurred harsh rebuke from the Romney camp this week. The presumptive GOP nominee called the Obama campaign's criticism of his tenure at Bain "really off target" during an interview Wednesday.

Romney campaign co-chairman Tim Pawlenty lashed out at Biden on Thursday, calling him a "professional bureaucrat" who "doesn't have a clue" about job creation.