Obama campaign focusing on education in new ad

"His mother got him up before dawn to do school work. She knew what it meant for his future. With hard work and student aid, his life was transformed,” the female narrator says in the video, accompanying photos of Obama and his mother, Ann Dunham, followed by a photo of Obama at Harvard Law School. "Today higher education means even more the middle class, giving young people the chance to compete, like he did. So he doubled funding for college grants, capped federal student loan payments, passed the largest college tax credit ever. For their future, and ours."

The ad began running Friday in Florida, according to reports. It will air in Nevada, according to CNN.

Obama has also been highlighting education across the country by delivering commencement speeches. He spoke at Barnard College in New York City on Monday and will speak to a high school in Joplin, Mo., on Monday.