Romney ad vows ‘Obama era of big government’ ends on ‘day one’

Mitt Romney released his second television ad of the general-election campaign, and it looks a lot like the first.

The presumptive Republican nominee's new commercial continues to outline his "day one" goals, this time saying that Romney would move to reduce the deficit and repeal regulations upon assuming the Oval Office.

"Day one, President Romney announces deficit reductions, ending the Obama era of big government, helping secure our kids’ futures," a narrator says over video of a ticking debt clock and children in a classroom. "President Romney stands up to China on trade and demands they play by the rules. President Romney begins repealing job-killing regulations that are costing the economy billions. That’s what a Romney presidency will be like."

In his first commercial, Romney said he would immediately approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline, introduce tax cuts and begin repealing President Obama's signature healthcare reform legislation during his first day in office.

As with his initial effort, the campaign is releasing a version of the ad in Spanish, and it is expected to air in Iowa, North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio.

Romney spoke about the ad campaign on the trail last Thursday, telling reporters in Jacksonville, Fla., that unlike one of Obama's ads critical of his tenure at Bain Capital, his commercials would take a positive tone.

"It will be a positive ad about the things I will do if I were president. It's contrasting with the president's ad, which came out, once again, as a character assassination ad," Romney said.