Giuliani: Obama had ‘no success’ before politics, defends Romney’s Bain tenure

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) defended likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney from attacks on his business record, saying that President Obama had “no success” before his political career and that Romney’s experiences qualified him to be president.

“Mitt Romney has been far more successful at the things that he’s done than Barack Obama, I mean going way back this is a man who ran a significant business, made it into a tremendous success, which used to be, count for a lot in America. He created dozens of businesses. I worked with him when he took the Olympics out of chaos.” said Giuliani, a Romney surrogate, on CNN’s State of the Union. 

“This is a man, unlike President Obama, who had virtually no success before, just a community organizer, state senate, never really had a payroll to meet or any responsibilities,” he added, rejecting suggestions Romney’s private sector work had not prepared him for managing the national economy.

“What does qualify you to be president,” Giuliani asked. “Is being a community activist in the Saul Alinsky movement and then a member of a state legislature for a few years and kind of arriving in the Senate and running for president on day one qualify you to be president?”

Obama’s campaign has hammered Romney for his work at private equity firm Bain Capital, saying it left him unprepared to grow jobs and boost the struggling economy. Ads have likened Bain’s practices to “vulture” capitalism and accused Romney of personally profiting from shuttering American businesses and laying off workers. 

Romney however has not shied away from his private sector experience, saying that he created jobs at many of the companies Bain invested in. On Thursday, Romney said Obama was “attacking capitalism” and that Bain’s record in rejuvenating businesses was “pretty solid.”

On Sunday, CNN host Candy Crowley countered Giuliani’s remarks by saying that Obama had now had “four years of experience as president, which isn’t nothing.”

“The reality is President Obama can talk about his record as president if he wants to talk about something where he’s theoretically succeeded, but he doesn’t talk about his record,” responded Giuliani. “You know and I know his campaign is running away from his record as president. Basically they want to attack Mitt Romney.

“We have found out what a president with no experience is going to give us. He’s going to give us tremendous failure, the largest debt we’ve ever had, the highest levels of sustained long-term unemployment since the depression,” he said.

“Our economy is a disaster under Obama,” Giuliani added. “He vaguely knows what he’s doing with regard to our economy.”

Giuliani said that Romney’s experience at Bain and as governor of Massachusetts would appeal to voters looking for an experienced hand to manage the economy.

Polls show voters rank the economy as the most important issue and Giuliani suggested that Romney should maintain his focus on those concerns.

“If the economy doesn’t improve between now and September, October, I don’t think President Obama will be reelected, no matter how much President Obama tries to make it about Romney, more importantly it will be Obama’s record and if that record is a weak economy that doesn’t look like it will get much better, I don’t think he’ll make it,” Giuliani said.