Romney thanks troops in new campaign video

Mitt Romney’s campaign released a new Web video Monday to commemorate Memorial Day and thank the nation’s veterans for their service.

“We rightly call our fathers and mothers the greatest generation, but every woman and every man who has or now defends American liberty share in their heritage of greatness,” the presumptive GOP nominee says in the video, which depicts images of servicemembers, past and present. “Every veteran is the greatest of his generation.”

“It’s time for us to come together and to carry this message across this country, we’re restoring those principles that made America the great nation that it is,” continues Romney. “We’re going to keep America strong, and worthy of the great sacrifice of America’s veterans and those young men and women who put their lives on the line for us even today.” 

In a statement announcing the new video, Romney called on Americans to remember those who served and are currently serving in the nation’s armed forces. 

“A lot of young Americans are risking their lives in distant battlefields today,” he said. “Memorial Day is a day to give thanks to them, and to remember all of America’s soldiers who have laid down their lives to defend our country. As we enjoy our barbecues with friends and families and loved ones, let’s keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers.”

Romney will hold a Memorial Day tribute with Arizona Sen. John McCain at San Diego’s Veterans Museum & Memorial Center. McCain, a Romney backer, served as a Navy captain and was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. 

“I am honored to be celebrating Memorial Day this year with John McCain. I don’t have to tell John’s story; the world already knows it,” said Romney. “But it is what today’s holiday is all about: sacrifice, valor, honor, courage, and love of country.” 

Memorial Day presents an opportunity for Romney and President Obama to both make appeals to military voters. 

The Obama campaign last month launched the “Veterans and Military Families for Obama" effort with a web video with the president and Mrs. Obama touting their work “supporting veterans.”

The president and first lady will both participate in the traditional ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. The Obamas and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, will also attend an event at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to mark the 50th anniversary of the war.

But polls show Obama faces an uphill climb winning over veterans. 

A Gallup poll released Monday though shows Romney with a decided advantage among military voters, who back him 58 percent to 34 percent for Obama. Among male veterans, Romney holds a 28 point edge with 60 percent backing to 32 percent.