Obama campaign makes last-minute appeal in Wisconsin

President Obama's campaign released a Web video and sent an email Tuesday morning encouraging Wisconsin voters to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Obama doesn't appear in the video but one of his supporters in the state does.

"It's time that we get out and make that last crucial conversation to really make those votes come out on June 5. We need to get our rights back. We need to get our state back. It's absolutely crucial that you come out and help," the supporter said in the video. "We need you, Wisconsin needs you. We can do this. Sign up for a shift, knock doors and make phone calls, talk to your friends and elect Tom Barrett. Finishing strong, owning our vote, maybe voting for the first time — it's about looking back on June 6 and saying 'Yeah, I did that, I did all I could.' It's time to vote."

Obama's campaign also sent an email to its Wisconsin supporters praising Tom Barrett, the Democratic nominee challenging Walker, as someone who "spent his career fighting for economic security and fairness for middle-class families" and directing them to a website to find out where their polling location is.

That follows a Monday night tweet from Obama saying he's "standing by" Barrett, who would make an "amazing governor."

The moves follow weeks of criticism from unions and some Wisconsin Democrats that Obama hasn't done enough to help Barrett defeat Walker in Tuesday's election. Obama did not take time to stump in the state despite being in nearby Minnesota and Illinois in recent days, although his campaign has been working with the Wisconsin state party to help turn out voters for weeks.

Barrett has trailed Walker by single digits in the most recent independent polls of the race and a number of Democrats speculate that Obama didn't want to tie himself too closely with what has looked for weeks like an uphill battle.