RNC chairman: Wisconsin Dems will tell Obama ‘go back to Illinois’

"I've got a feeling that a whole lot of people and activists on the Democratic side of the aisle in Wisconsin, they’re gonna tell him 'go back to Illinois, you weren't here for us and were not gonna be there for you,'" Priebus said.

Democratic nominee Tom Barrett lost to Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday's recall election in Wisconsin. There was grumbling in the state about Obama not campaigning for Barrett although he tweeted his support for him and the Democratic National Committee helped out in the race.

Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Priebus said Obama should not “expect some lovefest” when he returns to the state.

Priebus, a former Wisconsin state party chairman, said he was not worried about exit polls showing that many voters favored Obama over Mitt Romney in November, pointing out that the exit polls predicted a much closer outcome Tuesday night.