Obama, Romney go country at CMT Music Awards

The political opponents, appearing separately in a taped segment, got the chance to preside over a decision of utmost importance — who should host country music's fan-voted awards show.

"This is one of the toughest decisions I've had to make since I've been in office, but I think I've decided. I want them both," said Obama, circling the names of Kristen and Toby.

And unlike most issues, the president and Romney agreed on who should share the stage.

"I thought the presidential election was a tough race, but it's nothing compared to the politics at the CMT Music Awards. I think I have a solution, though: I propose Toby and Kristen co-host the show," said Romney during his taped opening. "See? I just put two people back to work. You're welcome, America."

Famed country musician Toby Keith and actress Kristen Bell, known for her roles in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and the TV series "Veronica Mars" and "Gossip Girl," co-hosted the Nashville ceremony.

CMT announced Wednesday that Romney and Obama would participate in the event and said that the rivals had immediately accepted the offer to appear in the show.

"The president and Gov. Romney each understand the reach of the CMT audience, particularly on our highest-rated night of the year," said CMT President Brian Philips in a statement. "They're each great sports, they're 'in on the joke,' and they each went out of their way to deliver great moments for CMT."

Past political candidates have also participated in the country music event. In 2008 then-Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton and Obama all made taped cameo appearances for the show.