Obama pressures Congress to act on jobs in new campaign ad

Obama doesn't mention Mitt Romney or the Republican-controlled House, but the ad is part of a concerted push by his campaign to run against an unpopular Congress and shift some of the blame for the economy to the GOP.

Obama has repeatedly implored Congress to "get to work" on his jobs plan, which includes assistance for veterans, state aid to prevent teachers and firefighters from being laid off, tax breaks for small businesses and clean-energy incentives.

But Romney has unveiled a new line on the campaign trail that Obama and his team are working to undercut: that Obama, despite having been in office for almost a full term, has yet to show Americans a clear path out of high unemployment.

"Now I know we're getting close to an election so he'll come out with one soon, but three and a half years later, we're waiting," Romney said Tuesday, according to CNN.

Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said voters would realize that the country isn't moving in the right direction under Obama and cannot afford more of the same.

"As president, Mitt Romney will enact a pro-growth agenda that gets our economy back on track and allows our small businesses and job creators to thrive," said Henneberg.

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