Romney cites his jobs record in latest 'day one' television ad

Romney's campaign released its fourth television ad of the general election Friday, and like previous efforts, the commercial is bracketed by the message that things would change on the first day of a Romney administration.

In the latest effort, the campaign uses Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts to argue he would be better than President Obama on the issue of jobs.

"As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney had the best jobs record in a decade," a narrator says over video of factory workers and the candidate on the campaign trail. "Romney reduced unemployment to just 4.7 percent. He balanced every budget without raising taxes. He did it by bringing parties together to cut through gridlock."

The ad concludes, as did the previous three, by arguing the effects of a Romney win would be felt immediately.

“From day one as president, Mitt Romney’s strong leadership will make all the difference on jobs," the narrator argues.

Interestingly, the Obama campaign has also focused on Romney's Massachusetts record — but to argue the Republican nominee isn't qualified on job creation.

During an event last week at the Massachusetts statehouse, senior Obama adviser David Axelrod bashed Romney's economic record as governor.

“After selling himself to Massachusetts as an economic savior, the Massachusetts record was alarmingly weak,” Axelrod said. “As you’ve heard, under Gov. Romney, the state was 47th in job creation — fourth from the bottom.”

During a conference call with reporters Friday, Obama campaign spokesman called the commercial "at odds with the truth."

"Mitt Romney isn’t telling the truth about his record because the truth is Romney economics failed the people of Massachusetts," LaBolt added.

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