Romney's sons featured in Father's Day campaign video

The video, which runs more than three minutes, features interviews with Romney's five sons, Ben, Tagg, Matt, Josh and Craig, and old home video footage of their childhood.

It starts off hinting at Romney's perceived stiffness on the campaign trail and aims to portray him as a loving father and grandfather with a strong sense of humor.

"My dad didn’t have a playful side — I’m just kidding," says Ben Romney at the top of the video.

Romney's sons go on to reminisce about their father as a kind-hearted prankster.

"Matt likes to call him ‘The Great Entertainer.’ So, like, whenever people are around he wants to make sure people are having a good time. ‘You need a soft drink? You need something to eat? You guys OK? You having fun?' Like, he wants to make sure everyone’s having a good time and he seems to take that approach with everything in life," says Craig Romney.

In addition to Romney's lighter side, his sons recall their father as hard-working, helpful around the house and charitable to neighbors.

"I remember my dad going over and shoveling their walkway when it snowed — a nice family that my dad really cared for, for a long time," adds Josh Romney.

President Obama's campaign also released a Father's Day video message highlighting his relationship with daughters Malia and Sasha.

"One of the things that Barack is successful at is giving his children the kind of stability and continuity that he didn't have," says first lady Michelle Obama, who narrates the video.